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World Championships Race Schedule and Viewing

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Below is my racing schedule for the IAAF World Championships in Doha, Qatar and then how to watch in the US, Canada and Europe. Thank you all for your support and love!

Two quick side notes:

1. We will not know who is running which of the relays until close to race, so I could be running or could not be for the 4x400 Mixed Relay or the 4x400 Relay. I will update this post as we get news of the running order. ---Update: I will be running 3rd leg in the Semi of the Mixed 4x400 Relay

2. What is the 4x400 Mixed Relay?: It is the 4x400 relay but with 2 women and 2 men and it is up to the country to determine the order although it has usually been run: man, woman, woman, man. This is the first time the 4x400 Mixed Relay is in the World Championships and it will be in the Olympics next year too. Canada got 2nd in this event at the 2019 World Relays in Japan in April.

Times are in Eastern Standard Time below:

September 28 - Heats - 4x400m Mixed Relay - 1:00pm September 29 - Final - 4x400m Mixed Relay - 3:35pm

September 30 - Heats - Women's 400m - 11:20am

October 1 - Semi- Final - Women's 400m - 1:50pm

October 3 - Final - Women's 400m - 4:50pm

October 5 - Heats - Women's 4x400m Relay - 12:55pm

October 6 - Final - Women's 4x400m Relay - 2:15pm

Here is the IAAF World Championships website as well:

How to Watch:

Depending on your area the streaming may vary but there will be U.S. TV streaming across NBC, NBC Sports Network and the Olympic Channel. The photos below show the day by day TV schedule for Eastern Standard Time in the US.

-"For those who live in the UK, you should stay tuned on BBC while Sportfive Channel will broadcast IAAF World Athletics 2019 for Europe continent. Dentsu1 will take over the broadcasting on Asia especially central Asia. ESPN, Sky TV, CBC, Fox Sports, and other TV networks also share the cover for the rest parts of the world."

-The IAAF World Championships app in the appstore is also a great way to see the schedule and keep up with the World Champs!

Thank you for watching and supporting!

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