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I am more than a track athlete. 

I try to live life with my values and passions at the forefront which means aligning myself with organizations and companies whose values match mine. 


I value:genuine connection with people, embracing authenticity and the deeper sides of ourselves, food and drinks that nourish and fuel, life-long learning, elevating girls and women (especially in sport) and pushing the limits. 


This is why I partner with the following organizations and companies… they match one or more of these values. I have formed creative and innovative partnerships with each one.


Royal Bank of Canada - RBC

RBC - Royal Bank of Canada Cross Border Banking 

Growing up in California but always wanting to compete for my roots in Canada, I have been so grateful for the ease and access of Cross Border Banking in my every day life. I make cross border transfers to pay for training, groceries, and the most important.. physical and mental therapy. 

Big Spoon Roasters - Nut Butters and Bars

Hand-made, sustainable, and quality ingredients that I get to put in my oatmeal every single morning before training… nothing beats Big Spoon Roasters Nut Butters. 


Through an organic relationship with Big Spoon Roasters Founder Mark Overbay while I attended Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, we have established a partnership that goes beyond medals and big performances on the track. Big Spoon supports me and my endevourso outside of track like providing a year long mentorship opportunity with me and other college and pro female athletes for a young female athlete named Camy on the Voice in Sport platform.

Nuun Hydration - Elite Team Ambassador

Hydration Station!! From throwing a Nuun hydration tablet in our waters before bike rides with my dad in high school to now utilizing Nuun’s high performance hydration before big track sessions at World Championships… Nuun has always been my go to. 

Obsesh Media

Obsesh is an incredible platform dedicated to giving people access to 1 on 1 video feedback and messages from your favorite athletes!! Now fans can learn directly from athletes.. 

Send me a video of you sprinting and I can provide technical feedback directly to you!! 

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