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Narrowly missing the Olympic podium in Tokyo 2021, myself and this Canadian Women's 4x400 are on the hunt for a medal in Paris and continued success in the two-year lead-up to the next Olympic Games in 2024.

After Tokyo, I know I have a lot left in the tank... I have my sights set on Paris 2024 but not for the glory of being an "Olympian" but for the growth and impact of the journey itself. 

Thank you for considering sponsoring my journey to Paris!

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Your support allows me to continue pursuing professional track and field.

Most Olympians and elite level athletes struggle to support their dreams financially; they have to work extra jobs, pick up side hustles, and become social media influencers all while training full time to represent their countries and be professionals in their sport.

While governments provide small stipends to help cover costs of living and training, athletes still have to pay out of pocket for the vast majority of their expenses.

With your support, that goes directly towards specific training and competition expenses, I can pursue greatness on and off the track.

Here are some examples of where you can direct your funds: 

  • $_____ = choose your own amount of financial support for Team Price - Path to Paris 2024

  • $50 = Supplement Costs (Protein, Vitamins etc)

  • $100 = Sponsors one of Maddy's physical therapy appointments.

  • $540 = Sponsors Maddy's sport science tools for the year. (Peloton and Whoop training/sleep data)

  • $1,000 = Sponsors Maddy's running shoes, spikes, orthotics for a year

  • $5,000 = Sponsors Maddy's nutrition and fueling for half the year

  • $6,000 = Sponsors Maddy's physical therapy and bodywork for the year

  • $7,000 = Sponsors Maddy's flights to competition for a year

  • $10,000 = Sponsors Maddy's sports psychology for a year

  • $10,000 = Sponsors Maddy's nutrition and fueling for the year

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