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Paying it forward to the next generation of girls and women in sport is a big part of my "why" as a pro track athlete. Especially because girls drop out of sports at a rate 2x that of boys.

I am passionate about sharing resources, tips, and my experiences to help guide girls on their journeys in life and sport. 

As a Mentor on the Voice In Sport platform, I provide free and paid mentorship sessions to girls ages 13-23.


In my Voice in Sport mentorship sessions with girls ages 13-23, we discuss topics like: 



It can be challenging to handle the obstacles that come our way as young girls in sports, like injuries, team dynamics, coaching changes, family challenges etc. We discuss tools to see obstacles as opportunities to grow and learn. 

We work on visualization, breath work, and reflection so we are trianing our minds just as hard as we train our bodies! 

Recovery and Training

Train hard, recover harder. 

I share the details about how I recover by optimizing sleep, prioritizing mobility, and seeking social interaction. 

Nutrition and Body Image

In the age of social media, avoiding comparison is a challenge especially when it comes to body image. We discuss strategies to love ourselves first, invest in our own personal journey, and fuel ourselves with foods that work for our own unique bodies.

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