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Non-Profit Spotlight: Active For Life

Founded by B2Ten, which supports elite Canadian athletes' journey to the Olympics, Active for Life serves to 'help parents give their children the right start in life through the development of physical literacy'.

---- Definition of Physical Literacy: "Physical literacy is when kids have developed the skills, confidence, and love of movement to be physically active for life."

Active for Life "connected the pieces of the puzzle and reached the following conclusions:

- Physical literacy is one simple solution to help kids become more active, healthy, and successful for life.

-Parents need direction, education, and inspiration, but mostly they need practical solutions.

-Parents are the gatekeepers of their kids’ activities, and the enablers of life-long habits."

So Why Active for Life?

During a transformational two day retreat with the B2Ten team, athletes, and founders, we discussed topics ranging from knowing your why, having a strong story and narrative, challenges we face and overcome, and giving back as elite athletes. Richard Monette, the lead of Active For Life and mental performance coach for B2Ten athletes and beyond, shared his story and wisdom with the group, encouraging all of us to think back to what factors sparked our love of being active growing up.

For me, it was my parents throwing my sister and I in every sport from ballet and basketball to lacrosse and motocross (my dad raced professionally).

We learned how to pick ourselves back up after falling our faces.

But I think what also truly made us love activity was climbing trees, making up homemade obstacle course, or running around looking for bugs in the ground. Of course organized sports have invaluable benefits to kids too but just being outside truly brought us confidence and joy as we grew up. I am grateful that my parents also pushed us to go to practice even on the days where we reallllllly didn't want to...because when we got there we ended up loving it. (Now of course on some days you really do need a break from it all too, and thats ok.. just not making a habit of it.) I am so excited to join the conversation on physical literacy among kids and hopefully inspire parents to find ways for their kids to get active and stay active.

Active For Life truly walks the talk and is constantly partnering with companies like the Early Years Physical Literacy Research Team in order to best approach solutions to improve physical literacy. The Early Years Physical Literacy Research Team partnership fostered vital research on how physical literacy programs can effect the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development in children at early years centers around Canada.

With a strong team of Role Models comprised of parents, athletes, and coaches, Active For Life is utilizing the experiences and expertise of these inspiring individuals. I couldn't be more honored to now be among this awesome team of Role Models and start to educate and spread awareness about improving physical literacy in kids.

Keep an eye out for a new post about how to create an easy and fun obstacle course in the backyard, park, or any outdoor space for kids (and adults too!). So cheers to continued movement and being active for life!

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