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Fearlessness to Feel Deeply

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

An effortless grace and compassion in her nature… mama bear doesn’t even realize her ability to float as her floral dress flows behind her. Her ability to float even when she occasionally feels weighed down by an anchor of grief and an unknown future.

We are good at putting on masks at times. I know I am great at it too. We tend to just let certain people in certain situations see past those masks fully. The masks are put up when the pain becomes hard to face each day. But as mum says we are intentional about trying to “wake up happy” and put on a smile as best we can.

And so we do. We are strong and we feel joy so beautifully on most days… but the smile fades at times when the waves of uncertainty or pain come crashing down. And its ok to feel deeply in those let them wash over us. But it’s also ok to know that the tide recedes again and clarity comes rushing in. With the tide receding, there are people there to rely on, to support us, just as we support ourselves.

I could not be more proud of our ability to maintain an open heartedness towards the world and a fearlessness to feel deeply. To feel life and its full spectrum of lights, colors, tastes, smells, feels.

So we keep on thriving. As best we can.

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