Maddy Price


Hi, I'm Maddy! Thanks for checking out my site. I would shorten this and entice them to go to about me.

Officially, I am a Canadian Olympian, pro 400/4x400m sprinter, motivational speaker, and advocate for athlete mental health. Unofficially, I am a travel and adventure-loving foodie.

I have been forced to overcome difficult and unforeseen obstacles on my journey, losing my dad shortly after missing the 2016 Olympic team and having foot surgery months before the 2020 Olympic Games.

But I believe that through human connection and a deliberate focus on seeing the journey as the reward, we can transform losses into victories.

Blending my upbringing in Silicon Valley, experience as a student-athlete at Duke, and my injury-ridden journey to the Olympics, I have a unique perspective on the paths we follow, choices we make, and goals we work towards.  

I am stoked to connect with you! 


Motivational Speaker



Gulam Shaikh | NanoString

“This year we had Maddy Price (Canadian Olympian), as our keynote speaker for “Grit” week and she took the experience to a whole new level. Not only did she provide specific, personal memorable examples of true grit on her journey to becoming an Olympian, she did so with great passion and emotion. Our employees instantly connected with her and felt Maddy did a fantastic job of teaching and sharing, all the while being super engaging. Thank you, Maddy, for a presentation our employees won’t soon forget!”